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Kitchen is closed for 3 weeks. Menu will be sent out July 26. Please reach out via email if you need assistance. Checkout is open for bookings only.
All orders placed will be deferred to August 2 delivery.





 –  U R B A N  J A R S  S T . T H O M A S  –

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Hey there!



I'm Natalie Gaunt, Owner and Creator of the Urban Jars Community. Thank you for joining me here at the newest Urban Jars location in St. Thomas,  Ontario. I look forward to serving you.


My desire to help families and my background in nutrition inspired the creation of Urban Jars in 2015. The original location began in Stratford, Ontario and we now have locations in many communities all over Canada! I am a health-conscious fitness enthusiast, who loves turning my passion of helping families into a physical product, in jar form!

If you're looking for a fun way to incorporate nutritious and delicious prepared food into your busy schedule, you've found your solution. Urban Jars are made fresh each week. Jars can be delivered to your home, place of work, or can be picked up at your convenience. Our staff are trained in all things nutrition and safe food handling, ensuring that any food sensitivity, allergy or dislike is carefully considered.

The Urban Jars Community is full of health conscious, like minded and environmentally aware people. This is a service for the busy and hungry people who are trying to stay organized! New members are always welcome! I look forward to making your future meals!

xo, Nat 

Our Brand

est. 2015

"The experience you'll have with Urban Jars will be as unique as our jar options. We're here in whatever capacity you need. "

- Natalie Gaunt

"Thank you!! You have an amazing product and one heck of a business going! Not an easy task - especially these days!!! I LOVE urban jars. Makes my life so much better and (-easier!!)"

"Just wanted to say how much I've loved your service and amazing treats. I still look forward to my bite every day, highlight!!! Wishing you all the best with your next adventure!"


"Thank YOU Nat for serving me and providing such high-quality products over the years!! It's been a pleasure to get to know you and watching your business grow."

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